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 Millions of us struggle with chronic tiredness and other health problems caused by stress and sleep disorders and cannot enjoy the quality of life that others take for granted.

People simply don't perform at their best when they're short on sleep and our always-on culture doesn't do us any favours, sometimes leaving us, well ..short changed! 

According to published medical research in this field, people who suffer from recurring sleeplessness are much more likely to be affected by depression, anxiety and other types of mental disorders.  Other studies have also linked chronic lack of sleep to other serious and physically debilitating illnesses. The negative and corrosive longer-term impacts of such conditions on health and wellbeing in the wider population are not always widely reported or understood, but they certainly should not be underestimated.

More generally, lack of sleep also has a significant impact on cognitive abilities, making it difficult to concentrate, exercise good judgment and perform normally routine tasks, which in turn leads to poor performance, accidents and other negative consequences .

Even for those of us who occasionally experience brief periods of insomnia, feeling tired and cranky after a bad nights sleep is an unwelcome and unproductive start to the day.


Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is to do the same things over and over and expect a different result..

Many of us seek temporary or longer term relief from prescribed medicines or "alternative medications". These can leave you feeling even more tired when you wake up and sometimes cause other unpleasant side-effects. Some medicines are also potentially addictive and can potentially have a damaging impact on your longer term health. Not the healthiest of bedtime routines perhaps.

Whilst some people with serious sleep problems may benefit from using such remedies given appropriate medical guidance, we don't think this this is a sustainable, long-term solution. Future advances in medicine might one day safely deliver widespread, long-lasting and effective relief from sleepless nights and chronic tiredness, without any negatives. Until then, we believe there's a smarter way to unwind and get to sleep..

Let's break out of this cycle and do something  different!


We're developing innovative, technology based solutions that will help people to safely and naturally relax so that they can improve their sleep/life balance.

We're a technology start-up with grown up ideas. Using our advanced engineering skills (and plenty of passion besides) we're combining software technologies, electronics and electro-mechanical devices to develop smart sleep and relaxation appliances that address the rapidly growing demand for alternative solutions in this area.

We're fascinated by how technology can be used to develop innovative solutions that deliver potentially life changing benefits for everyday use in a normal home environment. 

Our ultimate goal? Helping people to relax and sleep better so they can  feel and perform at their best!


Stay in the loop!

In 2019, we will launch our new smart appliance for the home consumer market that will discretely convert any standard bedframe into a ZenRize Sleep and Relaxation Platform. 

We've spent four years developing this groundbreaking new product based on proven scientific research into physical sensations and stimuli that enable people to naturally reach and maintain a state of deep relaxation which can then help them to sleep better.

We're super excited about the potential of our this product and we're looking forward to sharing news on the latest developments as we move closer to launch. 

So, if you're curious and want to find out more as our story unfolds, we want you to be the first to know. Sign up for our mailing list and we'll be in touch soon!

Smart Solutions for Sleep and Relaxation
Our mission is to have a positive and life-changing impact on the way people relax and sleep by developing smart, safe & connected products that adapt seamlessly to your personal requirements and daily routines.